Openly Fluffy October 2018 Recap

November 11, 2018

Openly Fluffy October 2018 Recap

Happy soon-to-be-Thanksgiving! Following the theme of this month, I want to thank you so much for all the support this past month and year in helping to make the Comfy Corner what it is today and will become through the coming year. I am so grateful for all of you friends that I have been able to meet through Twitch.

Fluff Thoughts

What a crazy month October has been. I thought last month was already nuts. You probably have noticed many new friends hanging out in stream and on Discord. It has been a real blessing to meet and get to know so many new streamer and viewer fluffs and I can't thank you enough for simply feeling like we're a good enough place to not only spend your time but to also come back again and again to chat and help this little corner of Twitch feel welcoming and friendly. With Thanksgiving coming up, I want to spend a bit more of this update expressing how much I truly appreciate every single person that has come in even just for a minute of your busy day to say hello or leave a lurk. And thank you to the financially capable and generous friends as well, who contributed an unbelievable amount to the Comfy Fund and set another crazy milestone in our sub counts and the number of minutes spent on WAAAAA workouts! (Oh goodness, I will always remember that stream. Special thank you to Maayainsane and her community over at )

In October, I was also lucky enough to attend TwitchCon and see the faces of so many incredible streamers and friends. If you were able to attend and we got to meet, thank you for being so lovely and making my first TwitchCon experience really special. If you could not attend for one of many reasons, I am still so thankful that we were able to meet because of Twitch and hope that we can meet in person someday as well.

My biggest worry when it comes to how quickly we have been growing as a community recently is that it has been tougher for me to keep updated with what is going on in your life, because it doesn't mean that I am any less interested in hearing about your day or want to be less of a friend. I love to hear about what you have been up to, both the good news that we can celebrate together as well as the bad news when you might need a listening ear, so please do share your day with me and the community when you are hanging out in stream or Discord.


Let's talk about some Comfy Fund plans! We announced the Comfy Fund on our first Fluff Year's Celebration earlier this year with all of the stream revenue from the past year to be set aside as a community-managed fund to be voted on and used by and for the community. And since then we were able to purchase a year's subscription using our Comfy Fund and start watching Masterclass last month and have gone through various courses and lessons already. (If you haven't joined in for our Masterclass sessions yet, join us! They are all sorts of different courses ranging from Singing to Comedy and Space Exploration and is open to all community members) I kept the contribution to the Comfy Fund going and as of today our fund sits at $794.41, so here is what I would like to do next with the fund!

Even if it's not some huge amount, I think it's significant enough to have a lot of potential and I would love for it to become a seed to grow for the benefit of the community, so I would like to add the next payout from Twitch of subs and bits, which I think will push it to over $1,000, and move it to a new Paypal account specifically for the Comfy Fund, and then see if we could think of ways to turn this into something bigger. I have a few ideas but would love to hear your ideas as well so please let me know!

At the end of last month, we edited and submitted an application for Twitch partnership so this month I wanted to focus a bit more on ways that we could reach and bring more people to check out the Coding Cafe and our Comfy Corner. While we haven't done too much yet with the November Rally, we will be doing more in the coming weeks of November and there are some special streams happening as well, like going on the Cooking competition show called SquadSays and on Wheel of Geekgen at the end of the month on the 29th as well as a Pokemon cookbook stream the week before, for defeating our super epic fluff boss. Let's have fun with it and if you have other ways that we might be able to attract new eyes, especially people that aren't already on Twitch, please share them. I am all ears.


Please feel free to share your day with me during stream and on Discord! I want to hear everything because I missed you all while I was traveling and am still struggling so terribly to try to keep up with what my friends have been up to.


  • Thank you for one incredibly crazy month and welcome to all our new friends!
  • Next Comfy Fund plans and ideas
  • November Rally and extra fun
  • Please share your day!

Thank you always for being part of our little Comfy Corner and making it fluffy!

Stay Comfy,