Openly Fluffy June/July 2018 Recap

August 13, 2018

Openly Fluffy June/July 2018 Recap

I'm late! Two months of recap in one, I'm so sorry, but hello!

In the past two months, we celebrated our streamaversary, attempted a 24-hour stream, built chat-integrated games and a game about cleaning a ear (thanks, Jellydance!), and learned about tools to take us to the top from a book about proper manners. Did I mention we also bought and remodeled BungalowGlow's virtual house? We also made a lot of new friends as a community and I am so grateful to have found them (thanks for introducing us, Sparky!).

This month, I particularly want to thank all the moderators and regulars for being so supportive and keeping an eye on our stream and chat and welcoming people as they come in. It might seem like nothing to those of us already familiar with it but just that simple message can mean a world of difference for newcomers and feeling comfortable enough to say hello. Thank you so much.

Fluff Thoughts

Since our Fluff Year's Eve Streamaversary, we have been expanding on our experiments with having deeper conversations (maybe we've been taking it a little far, into Talk Show territory?) and experimenting with and transitioning more from a game-centric stream to a creative and community-centric stream and would really love your feedback.

I think these new streams are better suited for bringing all of us closer and learning more about each other and feel that it has been better but as always, it is hard to tell just by myself. My hope with these changes is to bring a bit more structure and identity to our stream, what we are about, and figure out ways for everyone of us to contribute and build this stream together. A simple "I like the new changes" or "I want to see more games again" in Discord or direct message will be incredibly helpful!


We recently started branding our coding streams as the Coding Cafe but it is still in early stages. Let's take it further in the coming weeks to build out our cafe with more scene design and construction and adding to our chatbot as well. Any and all ideas would be great, like having those ambient cafe sounds. Virtual coffee orders perhaps..?

Another plan in the works is to introduce weekly Masterclass watching sessions, which we are still waiting from Twitch for our Comfy Fund to actually come in but it should be ready any day now.

Lastly, to make our stream a place we really feel like we've built together, I want to try to make sure each of us get recognized for what we do and/or add for/to it. One of the ways I want to do this is to have everyone chatting during our coding streams be included in the credits of the open-source code that we publish afterwards. Let's build that system ASAP!


There are no real asks this month. I just appreciate every one of you for being part of our community and hope that you like the changes we have been making!


  • Thank you to our moderators and regulars!
  • Feedback please! Do you like the new changes or do you want more games?
  • More on-stream Coding Cafe branding coming soon
  • Masterclass watching sessions soon!

Thank you again for being a lovely person in our Comfy Corner. I am excited to see where we can take our stream together in the next year!

Stay Comfy,