Openly Fluffy January 2018

January 24, 2018

Hey Everyone,

Thanks so much for making this the best community and group of friends I could have hoped to meet on Twitch. One thing I want to work on this year is to be more open, particularly with all of you, so starting this month, I decided to commit to sharing updates each month with you to try and communicate my personal thoughts, plans, and requests relating to this stream and our comfy little corner of Twitch. So here it goes... (for the TL;DR version, scroll to the bottom)


Serious things first. Six months ago, when we started, the original idea for this stream was to create a place where anybody could come and instantly feel comfortable without any pressure or expectation just like you would feel hanging out with your closest friends. Recently, as we've grown as a community, I feel that it has become tougher to preserve that atmosphere and that I have not paid enough attention to the people that come for what Instafluff is about. I'd like to work on getting back to this.

I very truly appreciate all the hosts/bits/subs and the overall support that so many of you have given me in the past few months and I do hope to grow this stream and our community into something much bigger and more impactful and more sustainable personally as well, but.. if we aim to really create a welcoming and comfortable place for everyone, every time I focus extra on a host, bit, or sub, it means non-streamer viewers and members of our community that aren't as financially fortunate are left out and that goes against this vision. With the amazing support I have been receiving recently from folks in this community and fellow streamers that I have been lucky enough to connect with, I feel that I have been guilty of focusing too much on that hype and need to revisit the roots.

What this means is that from now on during stream, I will be focusing more on our current viewers and members of the community with much more selective shoutouts and end-of-stream hosts/raids, and less emphasis on bits and subs. However, to the folks that have supported me with hosts/bits/subs, please don't take these changes as a sign that I am any less thankful. I truly am so grateful for each and every one of you.


Okay, now some exciting stuff! You'll already see some of these stream changes in today's stream but I shared some sneak peeks into upcoming stream upgrades and plans recently and with the most recent Fluff Boss defeat, we already have a bonus, our very first, creative stream with the hilarious and super kind ClumsyWolfy this weekend. And there's even more coming!

I'm really glad that you all seemed to enjoy the Okay/Nokay game on stream but there were some big drawbacks to it such as the chat being taken over by the bot and only one person being able to participate at a time. At the end of this new Fluff Boss, we will introduce a new and pretty different addition to the stream, part of which will take the place of Okay/Nokay (at least for now) and everyone can participate! Get excited!

Oh and did I mention we'll have a new chat command in February?


For the next month, something I would really like to ask if it's not too much, is if we could welcome any newcomer you notice in the stream. This does NOT mean browsing through the viewer list and calling out lurkers but if anyone you don't recognize comes by and says hi in chat, it would really mean a lot to me if we could all say hi back, together, because that more than anything will bring in new friends into our Comfy Corner!


  • Back to our stream vision's roots means...
  • More focus on viewers, less focus on shoutouts/bits/subs/hosts
  • New stream changes + Very first creative strim on Saturday
  • Next Fluff Boss = Good bye Okay/Nokay, Hello mystery-replacement
  • Let's welcome any stream newcomers
  • You're all amazing

Thanks for being here and even more for being a wonderful person. You are the reason I keep streaming and working on this. I feel blessed to be able to call you my Twitch family.