Openly Fluffy February 2018

March 02, 2018

Openly Fluffy February 2018

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it's been almost two months of 2018 already? It feels like I shared my last update just recently. Thanks for being so supportive of my changes in the past month. While I am still far from being good at keeping up with what everyone has been up to, since the changes, I feel like I have been able to focus more on getting to know all of you better. I hope you feel they've improved the stream too. I would like to experiment with some more changes starting in March because I think it will help make the stream feel more consistent and easier for me as well, but I'll get to them in a second.

Fluff Thoughts

I have a question for you! We've been primarily a game-only stream but when we tried the Pokepaint and Snacks stream last month with ClumsyWolfy, I really enjoyed it and it seemed like you did too. Would you like to see a lot more of those streams, perhaps once a week or would you prefer the game streams?

As for our little Comfy Corner community, I feel like we're really starting to become our own group and identity and I would really love to help enhance that, especially through something we can all participate in. This way, we could truly say that we built this community together because while a stream is something one person can plan and run, the messages and jokes and Neo's pizza box chat gifts and everything else is us as a whole and possible because you're here. And so I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what we could do things for each time a new person joins us or when we get a new sub or what collage we could put together or maybe even a new raid message that we decide on together. Anything and everything, please share this way via Discord or DM!


I hope the Instafluff app launch wasn't too disappointing because of the bugs, I'm working on fixing it as quickly as possible and adding iPhone support too! I am sure that the new stream schedule will let me get more done in the four consecutive days off so I will get it fixed up real soon. The Wind Waker alerts are probably also overdue for a change too so I hope you guys like the new ones for March.

I am hoping to add a creative stream at least once a month (or more, if you would like to see more of them!) and I've got this Disney crochet kit that I've been wanting to try but have no experience with crocheting at all and it seems pretty difficult. Would you want to learn some crochet with me or would you rather see more Pokepaints?


My biggest concern lately has been that I haven't been keeping up well enough with what might be going in your lives, whether it's something to celebrate or something sad. For example, I felt terrible that I only learned what had been going on with one of our member's father and his long-term sickness weeks after some tweets regarding it and it seemed like I'd let you all down.

When thinking about it, I guess it's not feasible for me to try and read every tweet and message but if it is okay with everyone, don't be shy and please share with us in Discord or via a private message if you're having a particularly difficult time and maybe just need a listening ear, or if you have some really exciting news to share too because I would really like for us to support each other as a community and to celebrate the good times together too. And even if you hear some cool or exciting news about another comfy member, let's us all know because it'd be great to celebrate and we can't do so if we don't know about it!


  • More Creative Streams? Yes/No?
  • Community Activities Ideas?
  • Instafluff App Fixes Coming Soon
  • Please Share Your News!

This past February was an incredible month and I am so grateful for all of your support. It might have been 7 months since we started but I am still amazed when I press that "Go Live" button and have lovely people like you come and say hello. Thank you so much for being here with me and my wish is that I can properly express and convey my thanks to you with this letter and with each stream.