Openly Fluffy August/September 2018 Recap

October 01, 2018

Openly Fluffy August/September 2018 Recap

Hello hello! Are these updates better late than never? We did and changed a lot in the past two months. We're doing new things but still trying to be the same Comfy Corner as ever. Thank you for being a part of what makes our place comfy.

Fluff Thoughts

When we were still very new as a stream, I had hoped that this stream would be very different in a year and since the beginning of this year, I have been experimenting with and hoping to shift towards a distinguishably unique stream that we could call our own. And after doubling up on Coding Cafe, building 17 different open-source projects together, launching our own global Twitch bot, making and drinking dozens of virtual Ovaltine and real mug cakes while listening to a live BongoCat, writing stories with MadLibby and playing chat Pachinko, analyzing gun violence data in America, while continuing to speedrun and complete Tomb Raider games, I think we can say that we're pretty different now, and hopefully better. I have been enjoying this new direction for the time we share during streams and hope that you have been too.

We have been fortunate to make some amazing new friends and their communities this year and I am so grateful to you for the incredible support and milestones the Comfy Corner has been able to cross thanks to all of you. I still cannot believe that we surpassed 1000 followers and 100 subscribers! Let's figure out something fun together to celebrate these milestones this month and brainstorm ideas for what else to do with our Comfy Fund from these subscriptions and bits. Speaking of which, we will finally begin our weekly MasterClass sessions this week!


This month, our theme will be AI (Artificial Intelligence, sorry Adobe Illustrator fans)! I'm excited to take our Coding Cafe projects into some new territory and think you'll enjoy some of the ideas planned. Get ready for another month full of chat-integrated fun! Maybe a surprise for Halloween as well... ;)

At the end of this month, I will be away at TwitchCon for a weekend, and leading up to it, will be working as hard as I can on preparing StreamPuppy (my startup and job) with that week as a deadline, so I want to apologize in advance if we have to cancel a stream or two at some point leading up to it. We will still have a month full of lots of fun projects and games.

And last time, we talked about building a Chat Credits system and now we have one to let us include everyone in the projects published on Github. Next, it will be great to automate this process to create the project description on its own and a few other tools to let us start our projects easier and quicker.


We have been experimenting with and changing up our stream content much more lately and I am concerned that some of our long-time community members might feel left out. I really hope you know that I appreciate you and am open to feedback or suggestions from everyone. And if you are a regular, may I ask you a favor and try and welcome any and all chatters to help everyone feel more comfy? I would be very grateful for that as well!


  • Doubled up on Coding Cafe, still the same Comfy Corner
  • New milestones, holy smokes! What should we do to celebrate?
  • October theme: Artificial Intelligence
  • TwitchCon end of the month
  • !welcome everyone

Thank you again for being part of our Comfy Corner and have a Happy Halloween!

Stay Comfy,