Openly Fluffy April 2018 Recap

May 14, 2018

Openly Fluffy April 2018 Recap

Everyone, sorry I'm late for this month's update, but hello!

I hope you have been well and want to thank you for being a part of this little Comfy Corner community of ours. If this is your first time reading these updates, welcome and thank you for taking the time to listen. The goal of these monthly updates is for me to try and be more open with my current thoughts and feelings about our stream and community.

Fluff Thoughts

In last month's update, I mentioned that in April I wanted to focus on conversation and in trying to do so, we got to share stories, jokes, life updates, and help save poor Boris-Bee after crash-landing on jellydance's keyboard or learn from Leemyy that to be "blue" in German is to be very drunk and even find out how much of a sci-fi expert sparky_pugwash and MalForTheWin really are and how Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who (I'm still mind-blown. Wat). What a month it has been.

Perhaps games weren't ever really the focus for us yet this month in particular, I really enjoyed getting to know everyone a little bit better and would like to take these streams further towards this direction. But first I would like to know what you thought and how you felt about the changes this past month, or if you felt there even were any changes at all. Would you enjoy more chats and jokes and funny 'truths' to tell kids or would you rather see more focus on the gameplay and less interruptions?

Another thing I wanted to mention relates to the project I have been working on outside of streams and currently working on building full-time, and the reason I have been even more sleep-deprived than normal this past month. I am so sorry for keeping quiet about the details of the project and hope that you will understand that it isn't personal! Expect a return to some more fun stream upgrades soon, especially around Okay/Nokay, which brings us to... next plans!


Okay, let's start with a popular question! "When's that music stream happening?" SOON. Like sometime in the next couple weeks, soon!

And at the end of this Fluff Boss, PinataHero and I will do a Gears of War marathon bonus stream where we play through the first and second games in one sitting!

Lastly, continuing with the conversations theme, something that might be fun for us is to start and/or take a break each stream with some story time, whether it be a personal/non-fiction story or a fictional story. Should we try it?


With more new people joining our community, I feel that I need to do a better job at making sure that not just a new members feel welcome but that our current members aren't left out either. Would it be helpful to have ice breakers among all of us?

Any ideas to help everyone feel comfortable as part of the community and participate in conversations would be really wonderful!


  • Thanks for the conversations, should we keep having them? Yes/No?
  • More time for fun stream upgrades soon!
  • Story time at the beginning/intermission? Yes/No?
  • How can we help both new and current members of our community feel welcome and comfortable? Ideas?

I want to thank you so much because you have been so supportive all throughout April from hanging out with us in stream and discord to even cheering me on in the 30-Day Yoga Challenge. Please remember you are a terrific person and I sincerely feel blessed to be living in a time when Twitch exists and we can meet and become friends no matter where we live.

Stay Comfy,